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cubic spline interpolation when using the charts


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My data being acquired from a displacement transducer updates well in real time on the standard waveform chart. However I noticed in properties>>plots that I could only select one of the following

Interpolation of plot: 0-None, 1-Stepwise, 2-Linear, 3-Stepwise horizontal, 4-Stepwise horizontally centered, 5-Stepwise vertically centered.

Is it possible to do cubic spline interpolation or the smooth update with the waveform charts?

Many thanks

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The plots will only plot your literal data, they have no proper interpolation routines so you will have to apply your own interpolation.

There are plenty of methods in the Interpolation & Extrapolation palette, of particular interest might be the Interpolate 1D method which among others, includes spline. If you plan to use it on a chart, you'll need to be careful which method you use as you won't be able to go back and change previous interpolations without clearing the chart, in which case a graph might prove more useful...

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