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TestStand + LabView via UIMessage events callback


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I try to make application in LV which will start from TS and will receive callbacks from TS as standard UIMessage.

All examples which I found was when LV application started TS and then register callback. This is in “simple UI example”.

But I want to lunch panel after sequence in TS was started and then register callbacks.

Normally to register callback “Application Manager” is using, but I don’t know how to connect this control to TS context.

Also I try to use TS.IEngine obcject and connect this with TS via RunState.Engine but still nothing.

Could anyone help me to move next step?

This is my simple application example.

Thank in advance adn best reagrds.

PS: Sorry for my eng.



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You can get a reference to the Application Manager from the Engine.GetInternalOption method. Then you can use the Application Manager reference to register for events.


However, just looking at it, it seems that your code should work too.

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Thank you Jeff for this answer. This mechanism is working but without this “Automation Open” command. Without this, everything is working now. But I can’t figure out if and when this “Automation Open” command is need. Is it possible to get reference to TS engine without running seq? That’s mean, I got S open but none seq is running. Then I run VI and after this I start TS seq. maybe this command is need for it? I try many variants to get ApplicationMgr reference with this mechanism, but always fail.

If you can take a look for my VI I will be grateful. Without green box, everything is working.

Strange is that even without AppMgr ref, I got correct information about "version" form IEngine ref.

Thank you in advance and best regards.


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You're right, the Automation Open function is not needed when the existing Engine is passed in from TestStand.

To run the VI standalone (i.e., not called by TestStand), you would need the Automation Open in order to get an Engine reference. Have you tried passing False to the "open new instance" input of Automation Open? I haven't tried it, but in that case I would expect you would get a reference to the existing Engine object that was created by the Sequence Editor (or UI). With a value of True, you are creating a new Engine instance for which no Application Manager exists.

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