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Can someone help me with an example for an existing wrapper DLL which uses function pointer with callback function

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2 hours ago, Neon_Light said:

So I can give the adres of handle to testDataBlock.dataRecords, like this:


and thats it ? 


when I try the code above I get:

a value of type "DataArrayHdl*" cannot be assigned to an antity of type "DataArrayHdl"

in the line: 

testDataBlock.DataRecords = &handle;

Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong ?

Please, follow a C programming course first and work through it until you get to the advanced topics including memory pointers! This is not LabVIEW but C programming.

You are missing very fundamental pointer knowledge!

testDataBlock.DataRecords = (DataArrayHdl)handle;

Alternatively you can write the code directly like this.

    size_t len = offsetof(DataArrayRec, elms) + size * sizeof(DataRecord)
    if (!testDataBlock.dataRecords)
        testDataBlock.dataRecords = (DataArrayHdl)DSNewHandle(len);
        if (!testDataBlock.dataRecords)
            err = mFullErr;
        err = DSSetHandleSize((UHandle)testDataBlock.dataRecords, len);

And you need to do that every time again.

testDataBlock is on the stack, this stack gets invalidated every time you leave your function. That is why we do a DSDisposeHandle() before leaving the function, to deallocate the previously allocated handle before the stack is invalidated and the handle lost forever.

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