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"Locked (no password)" for reuse code distribution?

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I've been packaging up all my reuse libraries with VIPM (Free). I want to avoid accidentally modifying those libraries while using them in another project. In a Post-Install VI, I iterate through the list of "Files Installed" and lock then save all .vi, .lvclass and .lvlib files. An up-side is that when I open a reuse VI or class, I know right away by its appearance. What are the down-sides?

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People can see the code.  Though, that's not really much of a downside.  The other small issue is that people can go in and change the setting and then edit the VIs.  Again, I don't see that as a major down side assuming you trust those who are using the libraries.

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I do want the code to be visible. I am not currently worried about the setting being changed. Primary concern is that someone (including myself) opens a VI and knows right away that it's in a library/package. Thanks for your input!

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A follow up to this. I've added this feature in VIPM Pro. It's not available in the public release but you can get it in our VIPM Labs section here: http://support.jki.net/entries/24071293-VIPM-Labs . Even though it's not a public release, we are fully supporting it just like any other release.



It requires the NI licensing and activation toolkit. Not going to be buying that...



Just wanted to make a correction. The licensing and activation toolkit from NI is free.

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