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  1. Code is also orders of magnitude more complicated now than back then due to more computational power being available and therefore more features are possible. More code just increases the probability of bugs. About 15 years ago, I was peripherally involved on testing code for a $50k FPGA in a satellite. The amount of testing that code went through was absolutely insane, including days of just Reed-Solomon test cases.
  2. What do you mean "no significant new features"? 2017: Malleable VIs, 2019: Maps and Sets, 2020: Interfaces I'll give you the rest though. I have about as much hope in NI Connect as I did during NI's marketing event last year. And NI's communication lately has been lacking at best.
  3. I think you are referring to the GLA Summit that happened in November. VIWeek was in May. Yes, everything changed last year...
  4. I'm left to assume you are referring to VI Week, which was put together in a week or two, completely by the community.
  5. Jordan, the Beta is public. This means you can still participate in the beta forum. That would be the place to ask. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-2021-Public-Beta/bd-p/labview-2021-beta
  6. That was one of the main reasons.
  7. Probably related to this: Spam emails
  8. The Delacor Queued Message Handler (DQMH) is based on using events. You might want to give it a good look.
  9. What I typically do in this situation is use a QMH that manages the hardware. The control loop can send a message to the device loop using a queue. The device loop then does whatever needs done and sends a reply back to the control loop. If no messages are coming in (the queue has a time out), then the device loop can collect data. What this does is isolate the device to a single loop and only it needs the object. The alternative is to use a Data Value Reference (DVR) to store the object. The In Place Element Structure that acts as the boundary so two operations cannot happen at the same time.
  10. You can install NI Linx to LabVIEW 2020 using VI Package Manager.
  11. It looks like you went through a lot of work trying to recreate the Actor Framework, which is already built into LabVIEW. Perhaps you should dig through the examples for using Actor Framework.
  12. You could store it as what I call ASCII Hex. You use 2 ASCII characters per byte to represent the value. You can then use Scan From String or other string manipulations to convert that to a U64 or byte array.
  13. I always stored my SVN repositories on a network drive that was constantly being backed up (I think most IT setups do it nightly). The issue with SVN is that you cannot do any commits or reversions if you cannot access the repository. So if you don't have access to the server, SVN won't do much. That is one of the good things with GIT: you have the remote and the local repository. You can commit and revert locally all you want and then eventually push your updates to the remote repository when you can.
  14. I regards to merging: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merge_(version_control) In short, it is trying to reconcile the differences between two versions of a file. This happens when you try to merge branches or if you are working in a team and more than 1 person tries to update the same file. If working alone, just don't branch and you will never have to worry about merging.
  15. I used to use Tortoise SVN. It was extremely simple to use as it was right from Windows Explorer. Due to company requirements, I have moved over to GitHub (enterprise server) with SourceTree as the interface. Both work well for me. The only real problems when it comes to SCC and LabVIEW is when you have to merge. If you avoid merging, you will rarely have issues. Text languages also have issues when it comes to merging, it is just easier to manage text files than binary files. I have yet to run into any other issues due to the SCC screwing up.
  16. At this point, I would probably go a slightly different route. You could get an Arduino or Raspberry and program them to do the I2C communications for you. In the RT system, you can just communicate the data through a serial port. Another option I have been tempted to go with is to use a SC18IM700IPW, which is a I2C-UART chip. Again, you just have to use a serial port to talk to it. But this would be more hardware design than the other option.
  17. LabVIEW Community Edition (NI has strictly stated we should not call it "CE") is a full release. It is nowhere close to a beta nor a replacement for a beta. That said, I still have not heard anything on the upcoming beta. I will have to see if I can get a hold of somebody about this.
  18. Sets and Maps were added in 2019. But just to throw a wrench into your dreams, you can get some interesting combinations when it comes to sets and maps. You could have a set of maps. You could have a map with a set for a key. I'm just saying, you would have to plan this out very carefully.
  19. Shameless plug: Proper Way to Communicate Over Serial
  20. This seems to work... CRC16-CCITT-FALSE.vi
  21. But the real story: Harrison Ford was sick and so the director just off-the-cuff said to just shoot the guy. A big sword fight was originally planned, but instead we got one of the most iconic movie moments.
  22. Looks like you have a few confirmations about the crash in 2019 but fixed in 2020.
  23. The release cycle was changed so that the main release remained with NI Week. So there was no LabVIEW 2016 SP1 since NI Week was moved from August to May in 2017. AQ has told me that NI has a "quarterly" release cycle, so who knows when LabVIEW 2021 would be released (April? July? October? Never?)
  24. No, you are not the only one. Unfortunately, this is the color scheme all NI products are going with. Have you seen the LabVIEW 2020 SP1 Getting Started Window?
  25. My understanding is that NXG is a full platform effort, not just LabVIEW. The LabVIEW part was scrapped, not everything else. I suspect the devs for LabVIEW NXG have already been moved on to work on Instrument Studio, TestStand (2020 has the NXG look), VeriStand, Flex Logger, etc.
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