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Norm Kirchner

For Loop Pass Through Utility *Cross Post Link*

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A) There's a minor bug in your existing implementation... you need to close your VI reference. I've fixed this in my version (moved the open of the VI Ref inside the "BD" case and then closed that ref at the end of that frame).


B) The new version that I've put up here detects whether any of the wires are Error Clusters and, if so, turns on the Conditional Stop terminal for the For Loop and wires it. If there are multiple Error Cluster wires, it adds a Merge Error node before the Conditional Stop.


My version is incomplete in one way... if you use this on a For Loop that already has a Conditional Stop terminal wired, it does not add the Or node to blend the existing stop conditions with the error cluster. I started to write that code but got bored. It wasn't the main use case for this VI -- it is intended for new For Loops, predominantly -- but I've left my start on that code inside a diagram disable structure in case someone wants to finish it.


BEFORE: post-5877-0-25214900-1364893366.png

AFTER: post-5877-0-97485200-1364893384.png


This new version still needs the other subVI from the original post.

Scripting - For Loop Pass Through_With Conditional Term.vi

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Yeah, isn't finding available hot keys a real PITA?!


Wouldn't it be easier if there was a more natural way to have a deep set of commands w/out needing to divine a magically unused hot key pairing?




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