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Calibration of acceleration sensors

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Our company is in a 17025 certified measurement institute, however we are facing issues with the calibration of acceleration sensors, official we need to calibrate them in the whole measurement range. However we weren't able to locate a calibration institute that calibrate up to 60 G with a 17025 compliant certificate.


Does anyone have pointers?





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Hi Ton


As I understand it, 17025 (like the old ISO 9000) is really a quality documentation exercise. So as long long as you can "argue" the case with documentary evidence, I don't really see that you cannot be compliant. Of course, if you normally rely on proxy validation (our box is certified and within the certification date, therefore this measurement is certified) or you usually use an accepted standard procedure, then it is a lot more work as you have to detail the methods, quantify measurement errors and get them signed off by an accreditation authority.


In your case, the key here is probably:

Documented in-house methods based on standard specifications; this category makes up a major part of many laboratories’ scopes since it avoids the commitment of being pinned to the fine print of the standard specification whilst maintaining the credibility provided by the standard specification. Placing an in-house method in this category will generally reduce the amount of validation which a laboratory has to do. The degree to which this is true, however, will depend on the extent of the departure from the standard specification. Care needs to be taken, when reporting data from

such methods, to recognise the variation from the standard specification. It is also necessary to ensure that clients are aware of the variation and accept the resulting data as still being suitable for their purposes.

Source (Section 7.2) Edited by ShaunR
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