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I've noticed that the "Go to first unread post" button, doesn't actually take you to the first unread post -- it takes you to the bottom of the thread.


Steps to replicate


1) See into the future and determine a thread that will generate many posts for awhile

2) Read the first few posts of that thread

3) (This is the hard part) Don't read LAVA for a week or so

4) Go to thread predetermined in #1

5) Push said button

6) Note that it takes you to the last post of the thread and not to the 15 posts before it that you didn't read.




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I don't experience this, the first unread post buttons seems to be working for me.  Generally I go to the first unread post then scroll up a few and reread them anyway because I usually forget what the subject was or what was said.

Hmm.  Maybe it's my Big Brother-mandated browser settings or something.

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Maybe it's my Big Brother-mandated browser settings or something.


Or that...   / / /


It works fine for me too on FF (although in the past there were multiple occasions where I saw something similar where the link would just go to the start of thread, but that was probably an issue with the forum software. There are probably a couple of threads here on that topic).

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