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I would like to control some of my USB devices over ethernet (e.g. NI USB-6008, http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/201986)

Has anybody tried using or can recommend any Network attached USB Hubs?

The following are examples I have found on the internet:





Do you know if they work with Labview?


Thanks for your help


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A quick update in case anybody else is interested.


I purchased the Maplin 4 Port USB Gigabit Network Server (http://www.maplin.co...k-server-521590) because it was low cost and easily accessible.

I installed the software and connected it to my LAN. I started the server on my local computer and the Ethernet to USB hub was instantly recognized. I then connected the NI-USB-6008 to the device. The NI-USB-6008 was detected and tried to download the driver software but failed. I then connected the NI-USB-6008 directly to the computer, the driver installed correctly. I then connected the NI-USB-6008 back to the USB Network server. It appeared in Device Manager under "Data Acquisition Devices", but failed to start giving the message "This device cannot start (Code 10) in Device manager.

I have tried updating the firmware but this doesn't help.

Other USB devices seem to work correctly.



After a bit more research I found the following post:


The down side is that it is >10 time the price.

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USB drivers can be very finicky. I purchased a USB 3.0 gigabit enet adapter and had to poke around to find the correct driver from the chip maker to get the thing to work properly.


The Maplin link has a reviews section that included a link to the chip supplier. There are firmware and Windows drivers on that site. I would compare what you have for revs and try updating if you are out of date/rev.



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