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I'm trying to developed in LabView the algorithm used to generete localized key with MD5 defined in the rfc2574.

maybe sombody already did it, is this code already available somewhere?


thank you

A.2.1.  Password to Key Sample Code for MD5void password_to_key_md5(   u_char *password,    /* IN */   u_int   passwordlen, /* IN */   u_char *engineID,    /* IN  - pointer to snmpEngineID  */   u_int   engineLength,/* IN  - length of snmpEngineID */   u_char *key)         /* OUT - pointer to caller 16-octet buffer */{   MD5_CTX     MD;   u_char     *cp, password_buf[64];   u_long      password_index = 0;   u_long      count = 0, i;   MD5Init (&MD);   /* initialize MD5 */   /**********************************************/   /* Use while loop until we've done 1 Megabyte */   /**********************************************/   while (count < 1048576) {      cp = password_buf;      for (i = 0; i < 64; i++) {          /*************************************************/          /* Take the next octet of the password, wrapping */          /* to the beginning of the password as necessary.*/          /*************************************************/          *cp++ = password[password_index++ % passwordlen];      }      MD5Update (&MD, password_buf, 64);      count += 64;   }   MD5Final (key, &MD);          /* tell MD5 we're done */   /*****************************************************/   /* Now localize the key with the engineID and pass   */   /* through MD5 to produce final key                  */   /* May want to ensure that engineLength <= 32,       */   /* otherwise need to use a buffer larger than 64     */   /*****************************************************/   memcpy(password_buf, key, 16);   memcpy(password_buf+16, engineID, engineLength);   memcpy(password_buf+16+engineLength, key, 16);   MD5Init(&MD);   MD5Update(&MD, password_buf, 32+engineLength);   MD5Final(key, &MD);   return;}

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 LV-native MD5 hash VIs are included in vi.libUtilityMD5Checksum.llb

Openg also has MD5, but no RFC 2574 stuff.

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