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Barcode decoder by using Labview

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I'm using about the same code for QR and everything is working just fine.

Lately I got rectangle DataMatrix that Zxing should be able to deal with but I have no luck.

Could one of you try to run the attached image in your code and tell me if there is any success?

Thanks in advance.


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I thought I replied to your DM but I don't see it in my mailbox now.

From what I can tell, the rectangular bar code in your image is classified as Data Matrix, ECC200, DMRE.

I used Bartender to create an ECC200 type label and could NOT decode it with ZXING or the on-line decoder. ( https://zxing.org/w/decode.jspx )

I WAS able to decode both your image and my Bartender rectangular bar code with a Datalogic GD4400 scanner.

I tried updating my ZXING assembly from the old 14.0 version to the latest I could easily find (16.4) but it still didn't decode.

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I tried zxing .net and came up with a better way so that the image need not be saved. but can anyone help me with setting particular bar code type where and how can i set configuration so that it searches for specified barcode type eg. CODE128 etc.


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