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Put a Decoration on a Controls Palette

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Well that is interesting.  I've never had a need to make a decoration to be used in other places and be available on the palette, but I'm surprised there doesn't exist some way of doing this.  


I guess the easiest way to do this is to make a control that is transparent, other than the decoration then save it.  So make a boolean transparent, then do something like replace the decal image (or false or true) with your decoration.  The obvious side effect is the fact that you will have a whole bunch of booleans on your block diagram that don't go any where because they are just for looks.  You could do similar stuff with the 2D picture control but I'm guessing it won't scale the way you like when stretched.

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Simon Hogg at NI figured it out: Put the decoration on a .vi and add that file to the control palette. You'll have to change the file browse dialog's filter from (.ctl, .xctl) to "all files" so you can select the .vi. It gets added to the palette and drops its decoration onto a new front panel just fine. We could think of it as a "merge VI" for front panel contents!

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Makes sense when you say it that way, but there's nothing in the product that has led anyone (here) to believe it's possible. Looks like a golden opportunity for expanding documentation or making it more obvious that any VI's front panel can be added to a controls palette.

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