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LabVIEW compiled on a MAC


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For the first time in my career I may need to compile LabVIEW code so it runs stand-alone on a MAC.  Can anyone point me to a "compiling LabVIEW on a mac for windows dummies" article or webpage?  A quick google search yielded limited results.


My development machine is Win7 and I have VMware. I assume the process goes something like this:


  1. Obtain Proper Mac OS $$? and Install as a Virtual Machine in Vmware (I have VMware, don't have the Mac OS disks)
  2. Obtain LabVIEW for Macintosh with Application Builder $$? (I have a LabVIEW Professional license windows, can I just download/install LabVIEW for Mac on the VM and use my license)
  3. Install LabVIEW for Mac on Mac VM
  4. Copy VIs from windows development machine to Mac VM
  5. Press Easy button on LabVIEW for Mac and compile VIs to mac executable and build installer.
  6. Install on mac machine
  7. Profit

The application uses serial port (any issues here with VISA?) for communication to a few instruments but no data acquisition.  BTW my Mac experience is pretty limited...I can move the mouse around and click things but I still haven't figured out how to right-click :).  Any pointers or suggestions for avoiding common pitfalls are welcome.



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