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XML-Schema (XSD) to Cluster

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i'm trying to read and write XML-Files with LabView. I figured out that JKI EASY XML helps a lot. Still i have to create a cluster describing the structure of the XML-File i want to read or write. 


I have a large XML-Schema describing the structure of the XML-File. Is there any way to create the cluster automatically? The manual work would be a lot of effort. I thought about creating the cluster dynamically but it seems to be not possible within labview. Another option could be to edit the .vi file using other software/programming language but at least with a text editor i couldn't achieve readable code. Is the file format documented?


Any ideas?





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Hi Sebastian,


You can translate the xml to labview using the scripting functions.  It's not trivial, though.  You'll need to understand VI server and references reasonably well.


You can turn on the scripting functions in more recent versions of LV under Options>>VI Server>>VI Scripting.


It's a little dated, but check the GenINI code at http://lavag.org/topic/11920-genini-generate-readwrite-code-for-ini-files/.  In particular, how typedefs are generated.


Joe Z.

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Thanks for the two advices i think i'm going to use both. I'm doing some progress but the result will probably work only for my XML-Schema or very similar schemata.

Up to know my VI-Script creates a lot of nice combo boxes from my xs:simple types. :D


@Eric: I tried to use  these labview functions

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but the didn't work for XML-Schemata. Instead i used some loops. They will be replaced by this invoke node.
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