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Teststand - Read the configured DB connection string in LabVIEW


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Hi All,


We are upgrading a big project with TestStand 2010 and LabVIEW2010 to version 2013 (TS and LV)


Meanwhile upgrading a few items in the database and configuration.


In teststand 2013 you can configure result processing options.


We configured the database option to log in a MySQL DB. All works fine.


However, it would be usefull to read the datalink configuration in the operator interface.


Is there a way to read the >> Result processing >> Database >> Database options >> Data link >> connection string expression with the teststand api?


I've been searching in the teststand engin api and the application manager api but so far no succes.





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Sorry to revive an old topic, but I'm currently looking for a solution to this as well.  

I had found something on the NI forums, but it looks like it only works for TestStand 4.1.1. :


However, I'm using TestStand 2013 and 2016 and this expression doesn't appear to be valid for these versions.


Edit: After some digging, I found that it can be found at:


This will return an array of configured plugins.  I'm assuming that this is going to vary for everyone, but I was able to find mine at:


I'm far from a TestStand guru, but I'm sure that I can write something to parse and find the connection string as I'm assuming that the array position may change in the future.  But I'm hoping that someone has a simpler, more robust method of getting the configured connection string.

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