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Seeking Experienced LabVIEW Developer Full Time, Denver Area

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Hello All, 


My current company is in the process of expanding, and we are seeking experienced LabVIEW developers for our Denver office location. Please see below for position details:


Automation Engineer – LabVIEW Control Systems

DMC has openings in several automation engineering positions, based on experience level. 


  • Denver
Job Summary
With a broad understanding of engineering fundamentals, DMC Automation Engineers provide programming, troubleshooting, testing & measurement, and technical support & solutions to a wide range of clients. Automation Engineers quickly learn new technologies and absorb specific industry knowledge to provide custom software engineering, problem solving, and helpful assistance during each phase of a project. Working both independently and within teams, Automation Engineers assist with project management, meeting deadlines and keeping excellent communications and feedback channels with team members and clients.
Minimum Qualifications
Engineer Level I (1-3 years relevant experience):
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical, Electrical, or Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related field
  • Background in LabVIEW Programming

Engineer Level II (2-5+ years relevant experience):

  • In addition to the above requirements, several years of experience with design and implementation of LabVIEW projects
  • Certified LabVIEW Developer or Certified LabVIEW Architect
  • Project-based development experience
Desired Experience
  • Real-Time
  • FPGA
  • cRIO
  • PXI
  • RF
  • Vision
  • CAN
  • Modbus

Required Skills

Engineer Level I

  • Programming
  • Quickly Learn New Technologies
  • Complete grasp of scientific method of problem solving
  • Ability to follow patterns & build upon established models
  • Understanding complex system designs
  • Estimation of time to complete familiar tasks.
  • Identify & communicate through proper channels new opportunities for DMC
Engineer Level II (In addition to above skills)
  • Experience with current test and measurement as well as data acquisition hardware and devices.
  • Ability to specify correct hardware based on system requirement.
  • Project Planning/System Architecture Design
  • Program Implementation
  • Debug
  • System Testing
  • Communication with team members and clients
  • Documentation
  • Ability to create methodology to solve novel problems
  • Ability to design systems based upon previously used system
  • Convey knowledge in presentations, SOPs, Knowledgebase articles, client case studies, and white papers
  • Estimation of own and others' time for completion of familiar tasks
  • Project proposal writing

Other Skills/Abilities

  • Customer Service
  • Communications
  • Technical Writing
  • General Admin
Engineer Level I
  • Program applications to meet & exceed customer requirements
  • Develop robust applications in accordance with DMC programming standards & best practices
  • Project Planning/System Architecture Design Assistance
  • Program Implementation
  • Debug
  • System Testing
  • Communication with team members and clients
  • Documentation
  • Respond to customer needs

Engineer Level II (In addition to above responsibilities)

  • Perform programming and engineering tasks in supportive and leading roles at all stages of projects.
  • System design and design assistance.
  • Help Train/Orient/Bring Up to Speed new employees.
  • Convey knowledge in presentations, SOPs, Knowledgebase articles, client case studies, and white papers.
  • Develop & maintain relationships with key contacts with vendors.
  • Develop & maintain relationships with clients, keeping feedback channels open and healthy.
  • Assist in writing project proposals.
  • Seek, identify, and discuss new opportunities with new & existing clients, through proper DMC channels.


Email your resume and cover letter to: jobs@dmcinfo.com


Full Listing: http://www.dmcinfo.com/employment/automation-engineer-labview-control-systems


General Information: http://www.dmcinfo.com

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