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LV EXE open but not executing.

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I have an executable in LV10 (on Win7). When I run the exe the program opens and shows the front panel,  but is not executing until I click on an indicator.

I have confirmed this by placing a single button popup immediately at the beginning of my code. When I open the exe, I see my FP but the popup will never show; until I click on an indicator. Then the popup shows and the program continues.


It appears that LabVIEW itself is frozen until I click an indicator. Because, if I open llb and open the top level VI, I cannot close the LLB manager until I click on an indicator, in the open FP.

I am inclined to believe that this is a windows issue. Possibly windows is disabling the execution of the program, because of the length of time that LV takes to open?


Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

I don’t believe there is anything I can do in LV code to alleviate this, because I have proven the LV code isn’t actually running yet.

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You do not say much about what your program is trying to run, but a couple of quick question are you calling any .NET functions within you executable ? does it always only start after you click the indicator is that a coincidence based on how long you wait for something to happen, get board and click the indicator ?

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This program is a very old version of LV’s Test Executive. Our company purchased the source code to Test Exec all the way back in LV5.1 I believe. We have altered it to our needs and upgraded it to LV6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 8.0 and 10.0

This version of test executive does use an activeX HTML indicator on the FP, to view HTML datasheets of tested units.


I have opened the program and left the computer overnight. It did not execute until I click on a string indicator the next morning. It is definitely triggered by clicking an indicator.

It also appears that clicking a control will not do it; it must be an indicator. Usually we click the string indicator or the activeX HTML indicator, to get it rolling.

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I was going someplace, but then went back and re-read your post. Alternatively,:

- Does this happen if you run the code in the development environment?

- Does this happen if you turn off debugging (I've seen weird behavior like that)?

- Have you watched the code in the executable in debug?

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-Yes this does happen in dev. The Vi is set to run on open.


-I have not tried to turn off debugging when building the exe. I'll give it a shot, thanks.


-Not sure what you mean "...executable in debug". If your suggesting watch the dev in highlight; Since the VI is set to run on open, I can't get to the block diagram until I stop the code. If I turn off the run-on-open setting, then reopen the code, then go to the block diagram, then click highlight, then click run. It does not happen. because I have clicked a bunch of times inside LV. Clicking something makes it better.


Trying to debug it as an exe, as I described in my first post, I have put a popup in the very beginning of the code and run the exe. That popup will not show until I click an indicator. So there is really nothing to watch run up to that point, because the code isn't actually running yet. 

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I don't remember LV 2010 to know how to do this, but there is a means to debug an executable, which is what having debugging in an exe does. With LV2012, there is an additional flag to wait for debugger.

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That article was how to remotely debug an exe. Any idea if that can be done locally?

It is the same process more or less.  I couldn't find an article that was only for local EXE debug but it is the same steps in EXE building.

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