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Webservice publishing with a RT startup application


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I am currently working on a NI 9626 sbRIO with other external hardware using LV 2013. My issue is that my webservices will not load when I deploy the project as a startup application.  I am able to manually click and publish the webservices, as well as manually right click and deploy the build. The webservices then run fine, and are publishing data from the application that is running. But for some reason, the board cannot seem to do both at the same time and on deployment as a startup.

There are no errors, it acts like it deploys fine but then webservices never load and neither does the startup vi. Is there something I am missing that’s required in the build process to make webservices publish correctly on deployment as a startup?




Edit: I have also posted this here http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Webservice-publishing-with-a-RT-startup-application/m-p/3019461/highlight/false#M862896


One thing I do notice however when I do try to run as startup is that when I try to login to the NI webservices config page I get this error: 2r6iqfm.png

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