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Text not showing up under semi-transparent object

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Anyone an expert in the (complex, poorly-documented) 3D picture control?


I am using Text to label an axis (see image) inside a semitransparent open cylinder (actually a mesh with texture).  The axis (made of boxes) shows up through the cylinder wall, but the Text does not.  See how 7", 8" and 9" show up, but 10" and higher don't.  


I cannot figure out why, or how to fix this.  Any ideas?



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I can't recall the property right now but I think it has to do with with the "blending bin" you place the text objects in.  There's Opaque, Transparent and so on.  Make sure you set the text objects to the correct blending bin and it should work.

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Tell me about it.


I spent a few weeks last year testing different things on the 3D picture.  I have previously (in college and for no other reason than pure curiosity) read books on 3D graphics (Open GL).  Pretty high-level stuff, no function calls.


Reading up on the current state of Open GL (I was in college when Open GL was the only 3D kid on the block!  Yeah, that statement really carbon dates me!) I notice there are many many OpenGL features missing from the current LV implementation (like multipass rendering, full texturing support and so on)

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I’m afraid I only bang away at things till they work.  I believe I found it worked much better with the text as opaque (and in the opaque bin) inside a transparent object (in transparent bin).



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