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Use Quick Drop Plugins in Right Click Framework or LabVIEW Speak Platform

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Hi Everyone,


We have recently developed a toolkit that allows you to use Quick Drop plugins in Right Click Framework or LabVIEW Speak platforms.


Named RCF LVS Conversion Toolkit, this toolkit provides an easy solution for JKI Right Click Framework (RCF) and LabVIEW Speak (LVS) lovers who want to use a quick drop plugin in RCF or LVS.  Now, you wont be disappointed when you see a useful plugin not written in your favorite platform's plugin format.




Procedures are simple:

  •  Open the toolkit by going to Tools Menu >> Synovus >> RCF LVS Conversion Toolkit...
  •  Select the target Quick Drop plugin VI
  •  Type the command name in Right Click Framework or LabVIEW Speak
  •  Click OK


Now you can use the Quick Drop plugin in Right Click Framework or LabVIEW Speak platform



  •  Automatically converts a QD plugin to RCF or LVS plugin format
  •  Warns the user if repetitive commands are installed.
  •  Provides an instruction as user clicks help button.
  •  Helps the user navigate to the plugin folders (LVS, QD and RCF)
  •  Modifying the functionality in Quick Drop VI will automatically update the functionality in Right Click Framework or LabVIEW Speak


Please let me know if you have any questions. Suggestions and comments are welcome :)


Note: RCF and LVS only update their lists of commands at startup. If you use the RCF LVS Conversion Toolkit when RCF and LVS are open, please restart these platforms.


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This is nice and all, but I feel like not many users are going to have a need for this.  The RCF was a great innovation and I thank JKI for what they did.  But as far as I know the RCF hasn't worked in something like the last 4 years of new LabVIEW releases.  I might be wrong but I think 2010 was the last version it worked in.  Please correct me if I'm mistaken.


And while I feel the RCF had a relatively large user base, I'm not aware of many developers using LVS daily.  But again I want to state that I both support and like LVS and RCF, I just don't use them, and would rather stick with the native solution of QD, even if it has many limitations that the other alternatives don't.


So what versions of LabVIEW do you use? and how much do you use RCF and LVS?


Oh and as a possible improvement could you have your tool auto detect what QD plugins are installed and have a drop down of them to choose from, in addition to the VI path control you already have.

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Thanks for the comments and feedbacks Hooovahh!


I believe RCF is still working in the current version of LabVIEW. At least it was working when I tested it. You definitely brought up a good point that most people prefer RCF and QD. Althought LVS is not too popular, it is still powerful and convenient to use.


We are just making an initial release here, and see how people like it. If the community demands conversions in other ways (e.g. RCF/LVS to QD), it could be a possible improvement in the near future. I appreciate your suggestion on QD plugin list, and we will definitely discuss about it for the next release.

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In LV2014 ?? If It's true , It's really one good news. I'm always in LV2011 and it run ok, except for the loading at start option. But i have find one trick to solve this.


I believe RCF is still working in the current version of LabVIEW. At least it was working when I tested it.
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