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another immediate segfault - can someone confirm?

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So here is another one for me. Attempting to color a strictly typedef'd FP element (which should be just a noop, like wiring a decoration) crashes repeatably LV2012,13 and 14 on two different ubuntu systems I could try on. One-click-crash-loose-all-unsaved-work. Now ubuntu as known is not officially supported so I can't exclude the problem is external to LV (e.g. X), though I suspect a true bug.


I followed https://lavag.org/topic/10284-to-report-a-bug-to-national-instruments/ and filed an issue, only to receive after a couple of days the answer from the local AE "no support for linux at our office, please try posting on the general forum". Which I did, and as predictable got quickly submerged by general noise.


Is someone perhaps in condition to quickly check the same on a different distribution?

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no dialogues for me either, the report is on stderr, i.e. I see it on the launching shell. How to escalate it to a CAR then?


Well. the answer from the local AE "no support for linux at our office, please try posting on the general forum" isn't really an answer. Sounds like they are hoping a NI Linux dev happens to spot it on a forum and decides to pick it up. The AE should really first communicate with someone that does have Linux (usually in Austin) who will either confirm or deny the problem and then they will raise the CAR if/when confirmed.


Reopen the support request with your local AE and tell them you have done as requested and it is confirmed by 3rd parties and request they pass on the information to an AE that is versed in Linux.

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