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How to fit a 3D circular surface?

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I have data from laser scan of a circular surface. I converted data to image and using circular edge detection to mask out the background. What I like to do next is to fit the surface then subtract my original data from it. I am not sure if there is any function I can use to fit specifically in the boundary of the object only. Please let me know what function that I should use.

Thanks you.

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You might have to show us some pictures. It sounded like you had some edge detection which should give you points that make a circle on the edge of the cylinder. You can use a circle fit to get the radius which will give you an area. If you need, you can take an average inside the circle to get the height of the cylinder.

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@infinitenothing: Thanks for your reply.

One of the issue is the surface can be tilt, so I cannot use the average value.

I also have the case the cylinder diameter is greater than the range of the laser scan which I need to do 2 scan. In this case, I have to fit two half circle before I can stitch them together. To generalize my question, I am looking for a method to fit a 3D surface with some certain shape.

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That makes sense. Let me throw out an idea:


So you're trying to find the coefficients in this formula: Z=a1x+a2y+C. You might be able to use this: http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361H-01/gmath/general_ls_linear_fit/


Where Y is an array of all the pixel intensities and H is {x1,y1,c}, ...


You might want to use real world coordinates instead of pixel coordinates.


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