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Change property node from read to write

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I'm creating dozens of property nodes via scripting.  They get placed as "read" nodes by default.  There doesn't seem to be an option to programmatically change them to write.  Am I missing something or is this simply functionality that's not currently available?



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This is for a quick drop plugin, and I'm getting my references from the panel selection list. Generally, I use a "To more specific class" to get specific class reference type and thus the appropriate methods or property nodes, based on the ClassName. The ClassName I'm getting is "Property".

The problem I was having is that I couldn't find the specific class I needed for the "To more specific class" function. The answer is, Generic->GObject->Node->Growable Function-> Object Function->Property.

From there you get the PropertyItems[] list via property node and iterate through that, toggling the IsWrite property.

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