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What is the most effective method to change the coordinator on picture control?

Thang Nguyen

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In current picture control, the origin start at top left corner and it's positive direction go down to the bottom. I would like to use picture control to draw map for my robot project, but I would like to display as a normal coordinator system which mean vertical positive direction is go up and origin start at bottom left corner. I am trying to shift the origin and swap all y value. I wonder if there is better way than this.



Thang Nguyen

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Changing the Y values seems easy enough to me (just do PicHeight-Y), but if you want another option, you could try using an XY graph instead of the picture control and just set the scales to match what you want. If you want to have an actual image, you can use the graph's picture property (I think it's called plot images) and set the BG picture.

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