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Neil Pate

Variant To Data automagically backwards propagating type

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Hi all,


I remember some time ago a discussion somewhere (cannot remember where) about the possibility of a Variant To Data figuring out which data type to output depending on what type the output was wired into.


Even though the type input is shown as a bold input (i.e. "required"), it is possible to leave this off. I have always manually placed down the desired output type, just as a force of habit more than anything else.


It seems that as long as there are no other structures in the way the Variant To Data is able to figure out the type it is being wired into, so is there any sense in placing a type constant?


Interested to hear what others do here.

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Your Google-fu fails you. 




It seems it is not in all circumstances.  Personally I like this kind of feature, assuming you can always override it with the Data Type input.  I took this concept and used it on my Variant Repository XNode, which has a similar feature where it looks up stream to try to figure out what data type it should be.  Sorta like a polymorphic VI having the Automatic option.

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Ah yes, now I recall that thread, thanks. (I confess I did not google it, getting lazy in my old age...)


I am a bit on the fence on this, will probably try it out for a bit and see how well it fits into my workflow.

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