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I have a question about the long term availability of libraries posted here and openG in general maybe. If for example the owner of the wonderful sqlite library (drjdpowell), note i am using this example not because I would think there is a high risk but because it is something i think seems very useful, decides that he wants to remove the library. Would it become unavailable from here, labview tools network and from vipm? Or would the current and old versions be available still?


I guess what i am really asking is do i need to make sure i have local copys of libraries downloaded through vipm if i use them in projects so i will not suddenly have code that cant be used as a central part of an application. Like I could include a copy of all the vip files in my local repository or similar.





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After you have a package installed, you can navigate to the following directory:




And you'll find all the packages you have installed.  These are the files VIPM uses to install, so you can copy these self contained packages as a backup, and then choose to install them at a later date and not need any network access at all.


I've actually done this on reuse libraries.  Say I make a whole bunch of reuse code and package it up as a VIPC file.  I can then include all the other dependencies (like OpenG or what ever) as a single VIPC file that contains everything needed to install our reuse without needing the internet.  As with software libraries they development and support can stop at any moment, but the code in its current state can be backed up.

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I place all the VIPM packages I have a dependency upon into a Mercurial repository I have specifically created for that purpose and if I upgrade to a new version ensure both are kept in the repository.


In an idea work I would upgrade from the community edition of the VIPM to the Pro version and create VIPC files instead

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