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[CR] Cp Cpk Calculation.vi

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    • By Benoit
      This Vi Calculate th Cp and Cpk values of a dbl array values.
      It's quite usefull to do some statistical analysis of a process capability.
    • By Zyl
      Hello all !
      Here is a post that I created 2 days ago on NI forums : http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/LabVIEW-windows-blocked-when-TS-Engine-used-as-a-process/m-p/2324742/highlight/false#M729301
      My problem is that I'm currently building a software program requiring TS to be THE execution engine. I mean that almost all actions of playing VIs, sequences, and so on are based on a TS execution.
      I then decided to use my traditionnal application framework (see pic attached).
      And I'm facing a weired issue : if TS is run as a process (running in background), my main window acts like if it was modal. And then, when this main window is closed (end of execution), all other LV windows (lvproj, VI opened, ...) are not responding to mouse actions (I can't move the windows, click on buttons, ...) but react to keyboard actions... 
      A guy from NI respond that it's caused TS API ActiveX components, and I shouldn't use it the I want to use it... 
      Do you agree with him or is there something going wrong somewhere ?!
    • By hhtnwpu
      hi, I want to read and process large data(nearly 100 million rows,the file size over 500MB), the original format of the file is .txt, through rename as .dat we get the binary file. The attachment is my vi. When the file is larger than 1 million lines(the data is singal Column), there is a wrong with "the memory is full".I want to read the data and plot a graph in the time domain, on the graph I can see the detail by zoom tools; and then do some anlysis about FFT and Statistics .I don't know how to do decimation in chunks .another thing ,maybe the memory release is also important. can you help me? thanks!
      the data from a dynamic strain test,the sampling rate is 10K/s。if we can get the whole result use a little data decimation from a chunk ,when we zoom some detail, such as in one chunk, we can get the whole data on the graph without decimation?thanks!
      read data.vi
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