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Inadvertent art

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Believe me or not, I actually made this inadvertently! I'm sure it would have taken me much longer to achieve the same result on purpose!! Anybody has examples of unexpected beautiful graphical renderings made with LabVIEW?


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You and I have very different ideas about beautiful art :D Are random[ish] patterns beautiful?

This is what some bytes look like for a SQLite database.gallery_15232_85_81182.png

Here is the same data with AES128 ECB encryption.


And here with AES256 CBCgallery_15232_85_405267.png


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11 hours ago, Manudelavega said:

I like your "Probably Random" indicator, I should put more of those in my VIs :thumbup1:

Convincingly random? Confidently random? Deceptively random? Indecernably random? Random looking? Good enough?

They were all others I toyed with :D 

Don't forget it's not at all random - just looks like it statistically :)

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I display internally using the X-Y intensity graph (Limited to a 8-bit palette) Once I get what I like I apply filters and render to a png. I did these before I started using the vision toolkit for my job. 

Vision Toolkit makes angry Fred. :throwpc: Someone at NI decided when you create image spaces to give them string names to mask the pointers but let's still treat them as pointers. This part isn't bad until you realize any time you use an imaq image it does a linear search using string compare. This easily adds milliseconds to any vision function you wish to use. F&$(ING LAZY M$TH&R F%%#ERS! It's just one of many bugs you learn to work around with the Vision Toolkit. 

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Its great for showing 2d Arrays. I said X-Y intensity graph it's just called intensity graph.  Just feed it a 2D array and the values in the array are shown as colors based on magnitude. Look at my mandelbrot explorer for the basics.


Attached is another example I wrote for my RF Explorer (Handheld Spectrum Analyzer)


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