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Ok, I understand the need for categories. And maybe this already exists and I haven't figured it out yet...

I think it would be useful see all the new postings no mater what category on a single listing, maybe a weeks worth, maybe configurable.

Sometimes when I have extra time (almost never!!!!) I look into categories I don't always view and find interesting postings...


What do you think?

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10 minutes ago, Yair said:

Even more specifically, the unread content page - https://lavag.org/discover/unread/

Yeah this is what I use now.  At one point I had RSS still going, but this is more unified because I can just log into my account from any computer and see what things I haven't seen yet, where the RSS was going through my outlook.

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As I said a few years back, I now use Inoreader for RSS and am quite happy with it (enough to pay to remove the ads) -

That said, I have never used RSS for LAVA, because I don't find it very practical to have all the topics mixed together in a single feed. The fact that the unread list allows me to see all replies from a single topic as a single line means it's much easier to compartmentalize.

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