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not able to edit ENUM

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Whenever I am trying to add an enum and tried to update the properties by right click, I get this blank page.

Please let me know on how to solve the problem.

Sorry, the Labview Version is 2015.

This problem is for all Enum/Ring with TypeDef.




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Can we see a screenshot?  That seems odd and I've never heard of it.  Is it a Type Def?  or Strict Type Def?  Can you post the enum?  What versions of your OS and LabVIEW are you using?

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Hi Hooovahh.

Sorry. I have updated the issue information in my first post. Thanks for help.

By the way, the OS is Windows 7 . it was working all fine just a week  before.

But now , I don't know whenever I opt the Edit Enum/Ring/Combo, the page is blank and everytime it loads some project files before launching this blank page.



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That is an odd one.  A repair of the LabVIEW install would probably fix it if you want to go through that process.  You can still edit an Enum just from right clicking it.  You can remove items, and add items before or after.  Also to add several things at once you can type Shift+Enter to add after.  Still this is a temporary solution and something is probably messed up in your IDE.

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