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Lookup or add Variant attribute using IPE example

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I'm blind. Right.

I guess I'm trying to figure out the advantage of this programing method vs just using the "set variant attribute" primitive. I just want to add or update an attribute value. Not necessarily read it or access it for any reason. The primitive adds the attribute if it's missing anyway.

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There's no advantage in the lookup case. That was just to show syntax. The advantage in the increment case is the same as with the other IPE border nodes. It provides a cleaner syntax and, if the child variant is large, it might improve performance by avoiding a copy.

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I saw some mild performance benefit from using the IPE for variant look ups instead of the primitives, but I remember it being a bit of a pain to test and use at times.  I think something about creating an attribute if it didn't exist.  Maybe it was just the way I was trying to use them.

Edit: found my speed tests on the dark side for writing and reading attributes, it seems writing is going to be faster with the primitive, but a read that does nothing but return the value, is slower with an IPE than the primitive.  Of course I'm sure NI intended on this feature being used where you perform a read, manipulate the data, and write it back in the same structure, which will probably result in even better performance.

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