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howto go next tab by clicking next button and previous button by using tab controls

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You can use tabs like regular numbers. Increment to get to the next page, decrement to get to the previous one. This is an example:

Simple Tab Page Switcher.png

Of course you need to add additional checks to prevent the "Previous" button to skip from page 1 to page 5 and things like that.

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In a slightly more advanced way, you can use a property node to get the array of pages (references). The number of elements in that array is the number of pages, so you can use this number instead of the constant for the comparison LogMAN is using to stop the loop. 

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Or even better there is an OpenG function that given an enum will return all the unique values of an enum, and it works just the same on a tab (since a tab uses an enum for its value).  This function is under the LabVIEW Data package named Get Strings from Enum.  Then there is no need for reference or property nodes.

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