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LabVIEW Web Server Error: -67001, what is wrong?

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I'm trying to learn how to use LabVIEW Web Server. I design very simple project to develop my skills in this topic, but unfortunatelly it dosent work:( The reason why I'm trying to find help here is, that the error code do not tell anything, there is no compilation errors, and no mather how much of code I will delete, it will not work anyway. I will be grateful for any help. The LabVIEW example is working.

Web Server.zip

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I do not understand, how that damn thing work. I'm fighting with this problem for two days, and suddenly when I publish my post on this forum I found solution in 10 minutes!



But anyway, maybe when I already publish the topic here, I will ask for something additional. I'm trying to do EXE app to control the server and all requests. So I would like to START and STOP the web service from front panel. In attached project, you can find start and stop queue elements, but they are not working. Do not understand why.



I do not undestand why, but when you are creating the VI in the Web Service project. Automatically the Wev Service element is created in the VI (and the same for web resources VIs). I'm talking about those:


There is hidden link in this element. If you will remove the element from the VI, your VI will not work anymore. You can paste it again or copy from another VI but it will not work. You have to create new VI from the project tree and copy the content to this VI to make your VI work again. Anybody can explain that?

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It isn't just that these special controls need to be there, but they also need to be connected to the connector pane the right way.  Making a new VI does this automatically.  It is somewhat like a DLL call.  To call functions dynamically, the interface needs to be known, like what kind of controls are found at what location.  Removing these removes the ability to call the functions from the NI API.  This is similar to calling any subVI where if the interface changes you need to relink the VI to call it properly and some times rewire the VI.

If you are new to LabVIEW you might want to check out some of the free training links at the bottom of this page.  There's lots to learn for sure.

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