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Are there some people who familiar with NI-XNET?

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Hi guys:

I have one issue about signal of CAN Framework. I hope I can get response in the forum.

Requirement :

1. there is one cycle CAN Data, the 8th byte is cycle data(0->15), if the 8th byte not follow cycle data, we must give up this frame data , and report one error message. 

   my issue: how to detect the CAN message in cycle data mode?

2. on the other hand, if we want to generate one cycle CAN DATA as below , how I can do it?





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Oh you mean like incrementing counters using the bucket filling technique with queued frames? (Part 9 of my CAN blog)

Or even better, having the ability to load the XNet with custom hardware which performs the incrementing counters (and optionally the CRC) automatically? (Part 10 of my CAN blog)

If you find this useful be sure and vote for the idea exchange to make this an official feature of XNet.

Edit:  Just realized that only answers half your question.  As for detecting a frame drop out, you'll want to setup an XNet session of the Stream type, or Queued which allows to read every value of a signal or frame.  Then just do an comparision that the previous value is one less than the next one and if it isn't perform some action.

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