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  1. thank for your paied now i am using PCAN , I need PCAN -LIN Driver. could you share it ?
  2. I have one project which use XNET control module. RD give us a dbc (as attachment) which generated by vector canoe now it is issue that NI-XNET Database editor cannot open the file(as attachment). and it can be opened in canoe(as attachment) what wrong with the file ? what can i do for it ? MxICS.dbc
  3. i find the rootcase File»VI Properties»Execution»Allow Debugging (VI Setup»Window Options»Allow Debugging it can be probe
  4. hi everyone while i study the example vi , i have one issue about right-click menu 1.refer to attachment 1, while i right-click the example code ,there is no "breakpoint"menu. in the other hand, i right-click normal code ,it show "breakpoint" menu . as attachement 2 my question: how to modify the right-click menu ? and how to resume the default menu? God bless us !
  5. sure, i find the checkbox, it is my fault. thank you
  6. i am glad to hear that TestStand2019 add PDF generate feature. however, i cannot find the feature in my teststand2019 my question: how can i open the feature in my teststand?
  7. hi all i use GOOP to design object 1.i download GOOP by VIPM refer to attachement 1 2.i create two simple object ,and set relationship refer to attachement 2 3.it show error message refer to attachement 3 my question :how to solve the issue?
  8. overcurrent?the function belong to DMM. you can remote the DMM, however, the labview have no the subvi which can monitor overcurrent
  9. Hi guys: I have one issue about signal of CAN Framework. I hope I can get response in the forum. Requirement : 1. there is one cycle CAN Data, the 8th byte is cycle data(0->15), if the 8th byte not follow cycle data, we must give up this frame data , and report one error message. my issue: how to detect the CAN message in cycle data mode? 2. on the other hand, if we want to generate one cycle CAN DATA as below , how I can do it? BR
  10. Next step , prepare for CLA Xuesong Liu.pdf
  11. hi all i have just close this issue, it must install VAS,VDM before using the module
  12. Hi all i setup one vi package in VPM, name: NI vision opencv utilities.(PLS refer to attachment) after installing the package, it show error message while i using the vi( PLS refer to attachment), it said that the " nivisocvsamples.dll" is absent. my question: where can i get the DLL file?
  13. hi ensegre follow your idea, I have found the relevant vi about the program thank you very much
  14. hi all I setup vision module in labview, however, the vi which i download from NI(PLS see attachment) can not run , it seem that there is absent of "IMAQ USB serial vi"(PLS see attachment ) could somebody share your "IMAQ USB serial vi" with me? Grab and Save USB LabVIEW 86.vi
  15. I am glad to receive your reply but my labview is 2013 and your feature is 2015, I can not open your function could you convert the feature to 2013
  16. I have just developed a demo vi about waveform chart target: 1.the wavefrom chart must zero cleaning when vi load 2.the wavefrom chart must show three line( upper,value,lower), the value is generated by random feature, there are 300 test point totally. if the value out of upper and lower ,will lit alarm led 3.get image from wavefrom chart, and save as bmp format issue: in first step , I can not zero cleaning the wavefrom chart in last step, I can not save the image could you help me to solve the issue?? wavefrom chart.vi
  17. practice the sample CLD three times
  18. sorry for my poor English at first why not use USB-RS232 adapt? it can use more than 5 channel at parallel
  19. could you give us the VI's password?? i cannot view the block diagram
  20. it is said that the new version add one feature that using mouse to zoom in or out
  21. python, a free language. there is any open source package what you need python, a free language. there is any open source package what you need python, a free language. there is any open source package what you need
  22. if drivers is DLL,use cin probe to control
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