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trigger on a sequence of two sequential Boolean events

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OK, this is kind of weird but I am new.. I am trying to trigger on a sequence of two Boolean events A,B, but these events are not active at the same time. And I cannot use a panel button to latch, and then release. 

If A, and then B, activate Trigger=T, reset.

Ignore cases:

B then A,

B, then B,

or A then A. 

Can I do this with shift registers..or a better idea?

I have tried a conditional case in a conditional case?


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Id suggest looking at the section "State Machine Design Pattern" here: 

The details will vary, but it sounds like this is what you want.

This tool may help, again depending on the details:


Its basically lets you model the state machine and it will script out the (boilerplate parts of the) code diagram for you.

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