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Forum submissions do nothing and require refreshing page to post

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Several times I find myself having to copy the content of my post, refreshing the page, and pasting the post and submitting it again because the post won't submit initially. Not sure if there's some issue with how long I take writing a reply, or it's something with chrome where I'm going to other tabs and then coming back but pretty regularly, and on different PCs, I have to refresh the paste and redo the post for the submit button to actually work.

Fun fact: I'm about to copy/paste this because it's doing it on this fresh topic as well.

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There is some kind of short timeout for posting.  I can't remember the reasoning, and I don't have control over adjusting it but I too see it.  Basically if you are on a LAVAG page for a couple minutes, and then try to post something it won't work and you'll have to do as you described, copying and refreshing.  At least clicking submit doesn't clear out the text you wrote.  That would really suck.

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