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Front panel control batch replacement problem!

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Something's bothering me!

Every time I need to replace the Modern style buttons with silver style buttons, I need to replace them one by one.If I want to replace in bulk, is there a quick way?As long as you don't change the properties of the original button


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as a general statement, I'd strongly recommend against doing this on all your code. UIs, ok, if you really like silver controls then by all means, but theres no point to changing subVIs and...its irritating.

also, there are more attractive packages out there for UI. A reasonable but by no means complete starting point is here:


For example drjdp's flatline controls (which is currently post number 2 in that link) are nice.

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You can also use Quick Drop Replace to replace multiple items at once.

Select all the controls you want to replace > Ctrl-Space > Type name of new item > Ctrl-P to replace them all.

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