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Binary thershold like Vision Assistant

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  I would like to threshold a binaty image showing to the user the original Image overlayed by the thershold result like the Vision Assistand does.
I've tried with the Keep/Replace Value input in the threshold VI but it does the exact opposite of what I need (it replace or not the thresholded image leaving BLACK the rest)
I need to replace the thresholded values with a user color and leave the rest of image as it is.

Any suggestion on How to do it?

thank you so much.


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you have to do this method 

use  thershould vi to time

1 use for it for rest of range with replace value that you want (0 up to 255)

2 use it with range that you want and make of for replace value 

now you need just to add this two  picture to each other 

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At the moment I solved using IMAQFillImage VI.

That VI allow, using a binary image as mask to determine which pixels has to be overwritten, to do what I need.
Beeing an 8bit grayscale image it allows me only to choose 255 gradients from black to white, but converting the image in a coloured one, it allow to use every color I want.


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