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Image stitching

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I only see a 1d array of images loaded from files (which you didn't post).

Is the question to convert the 1D array of image files into 2D? How to stitch a 2D array into a single image that looks the like 2D array (stitch row, by row, column by column)? How to stich the images of a 2D array into one long image? (Vertically, horizontally?).

If I were to "stitch" some images together, I would use the default Picture Toolkit or maybe Vugies Bitman library rather than the Vision Software.

Here's an example using the Picture Toolbox, which loads a number of *.png files, splits them into a 2D array, then "stitches" them together as one long horizontal  image. It should be fairly straight forward to "stitch" by rows or columns from this point, if it is required, by adjusting the Top/Bottom in the same way.


Multiple row stitching.vi

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