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Help with refnum

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So i have taken some items from an example and of course they work just fine


When i try and recreate them myself they dont.... naturally


I have created a bool type refnum 

However when i create a property node and select value on my version of it, it gives me "value" as a variant data type

In the example the property node value has type bool so it works fine

I dont understand why i cant change it bool type from variant

Any help?



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The difference in the Value output type can be caused by the mechanical switching mechanism that is configured on the boolean.

I don't have LabVIEW on the PC I am on now and I can never remember their names properly, but only the top row of the mechanical switching mechanism will give you green boolean value.

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The FP control is set to "Include Data Type" if the property node is "strict" and will be a boolean output from the property node. You will see a red cross in the bottom left corner of the control in this state. If "Include Data Type" is unchecked, there will be no cross and the output of the node will be a variant as no type information is defined for the control..



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