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LabVIEW 2018, DAQmx, VISA on CentOS7... Anyone?


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I'm attempting to get LabVIEW 2018 along with DAQmx and VISA installed on a machine (virtual) running Centos7 and am wondering if anyone else is doing similar.  

The main problems I've run into, by following NI's instructions for DAQmx and LabVIEW 2018 support is that it appears some of the DAQmx tools don't install (e.g. "lsdaq") and the additional NI software doesn't appear in the "Applications >> National Instruments" Gnome GUI menu.  

I can access serial devices once NI VISA is installed (after adding myself to the "dialout" group), but cannot see or access any DAQmx devices using their method in the link above.  I have had some success using previous versions of DAQmx for Linux, but ran into issues and conflicts between modules used VISA and DAQmx. 

At any rate... I'm wondering if anyone has gotten something LV2018, VISA and DAQmx to work on Centos7 or RHEL7 yet... and if so, what issues/fixes/workarounds you had to do in order to get it to work.

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I've got an actual PXIe-8135 running CentOS 7.6 with LV 2018, VISA, DAQmx installed.


I did get DAQmx working successfully - the serial cards in my chassis are what are throwing me for a loop.  LabVIEW Wire Mode property is not supported in CentOS/RHEL for some reason and despite the README stating that the card should default to the 4-wire mode, when I check it is reading as RS232_DTE, and does not pass a loopback test.

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Follow-up, the Serial cards are now working, had to make sure the driver was properly installed.  Then we found an issue with the online instructions for the serial loopback test and the recommended cable to connect the RJ50 to a DB9 breakout for feedback loop wiring.  The incorrect cable was called out on the instructions.  The 192190-01 is not the correct cable.  The 182845-01 is the correct cable that matches the usual serial pinouts. 


You can use a 192190-01 but you need the pinouts to determine the correct pins.

182845-01 Pinouts 182845C-01.png

192190-01 Cable Pinouts.png

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