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Insert multiple rows into database

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I am using  NI_Database_API.lvlib on Labview 2017. I am tringot insrt multiple rows into table but I have the error : 'Semicolon seperatot is missing at the end of the query.'

Plaese find below my command to insert two rows onto one table T_Column ( C_Name as String, C_Status as String).

INSERT INTO T_Column (C_Name , C_Status)
VALUES('21' , 'Not realised'),
('22' , 'Not realised');

How do I must modify the query? Is it possible to insert multiple rows using Microsoft.oledb.4.0?

Thanks for your help.

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Depends on the database. For example, oracle does not support multiple inserts in a single query like that. Instead you'd have to use:

INSERT INTO T_Column (C_Name , C_Status) VALUES('21' , 'Not realised');
INSERT INTO T_Column (C_Name , C_Status) VALUES('22' , 'Not realised');

On the one hand this sucks, but on the other hand if you're using oracle this is probably the least of your worries. :(


On a related note, it looks like you are manually generating sql queries. While fine for development, its generally recommended to use parameterized statements to help avoid sql injection attacks.

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