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Desktop Labview Real Time (Phar Lap ETS OS) discontinued?


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Hello, experts,

in the current description of the NI Vision Acquisition Software it says:


Deprecated Features
NI - IMAQ 19.0
Removed support for LabVIEW Real-Time targets running Phar Lap ETS OS


Will the OS Labview Real Time (Phar Lap ETS OS) be discontinued and is there an alternative based on Linux?

a good time


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5 hours ago, JimPanse said:

I could imagine that RT Linux from a PXI system also works on a PC. This will certainly not be allowed by licensing law.

It most definitely does with some caveats such as what hardware your computer may use. As to licensing, NI has so far mostly avoided the answer, but from the reaction so far it is clear that they don't feel compelled to create a standalone version of NI Linux for PCs. As far as licensing is concerned, the NI Linux part itself is a no brainer, it is Linux after all and you are always allowed to rebuild that for whatever hardware you want.

The more interesting part is the NI-VISA, NI-this and NI-that software and of course the LabVIEW real-time engine that you also need to have installed on such a system to be useful for targeting with LabVIEW Realtime. This clearly is NI owned software and unless you have an explicitly spelled out license that allows you to use it on such a system, you are simply violating NI copyrights if you copy any of these files to a NI Linux operated platform of your own (aside that there are technical issues such as ABI compatibility and CPU architecture/family, for instance not every ARM CPU core is able to execute the LabVIEW ARM compiled modules, you need a Cortex A or compatible CPU core, this is the more powerful type compared to Cortex M or R which are meant for deeply embedded devices or reliable security platforms, or pre Cortex era cores).

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