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I have a legacy application I am updating to use LV2019. It has an installer for the application which installs the run-time engine and the application itself (and a bunch of other stuff). This is done using InnoSetup and not NI's installer creator. Previously, I was able to run the RTE install in totally silent mode where no popups or anything came up on the screen, I would like to do the same thing but cannot use the same parameters as 2019 uses the new NIPM format.

I can get the installer to run through from start to finish with no user interaction using:

install.exe --passive --accept-eulas --prevent-reboot

However during install it pops up its own dialogue.

Does anyone know how I can suppress this dialogue?

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What are the popup dialogs you are seeing?  Like the normal ones asking for what software options?  Or asking to accept eula?  I haven't messed with silently doing things since the the package manager got involved, but the NI installers I've been using have needed "/qb /AcceptLicenses yes /r".

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