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Quick One-Click Nodes Changing Loop Tunnel Mode

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When routing data out of a for or While loop, indexing is usually selected. A Simple LEFT-Click in the actual tunnel node should select the next (Last Value) and better yet, keep selecting the next available option (Concat, Conditional) (there are only 4)

This would be a big time saver as 90% of the time when you don't want' indexing', you want 'Last Value' MUCH less cumbersome than 2 menus deep right click selections.

Same logic as older one-click True-False Slider constants.


"One Click Nodes"

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I get your point of the multi menu setting isn't very quick to change.  That being said I sometimes mess around with conditional outputs, and with arrays I might be concatenating, or conditionally concatenating, or indexing, or last value, or conditionally last value.  And I just think cycling through all 6 possible combinations would be more annoying than a couple right clicks.

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