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EasyDaq Announce a New Range of Multi-Protocol Signal Relay Boards

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In the fully loaded state this signal relay board boasts USB, I2C, SPI and RS232 communications. It is currently selling for £120 +VAT (USB-RS232-I2C-SPI-8VI8SRMx-2)


EasyDAQ are also producing variations : USB only version, I2C- SPI only version, RS232 only version. Any of the configurations can be supplied without onboard power supply or without relay opto-isolation. This means there are a possible 16 variations available to customers. EasyDAQ offer optional bespoke software.

There are 8 opto-isolated, 120V, 3A signal relays and 8 3V to 60V, AC/DC, opto-isolated voltage sensing inputs. The 4 communication options are USB, RS232, I2C and SPI.

This board has 3 powering options : USB power, External 5V DC with reverse polarity protection, External 7 to 24V DC with reverse polarity protection and Regulated 5V output on the external 5V terminal for powering hardware. 

Two LEDs indicate data transfers between control hardware and the relay board for help with debugging and testing.

Each relay channel or voltage sensing input has its own LED to indicate status.

The board has been designed with future expansion in mind including access to 8, 5V DIO channels connected to the main controller and a further 8 3V3 DIO channels connected to the I2C/SPI port if this option is fitted. The programming pins for the control processor are also available to enable re-purposing of the board by loading application specific software.

The board is commanded via simple single ASCII characters (+ status byte). I.e a 2 byte pair. These are commands that address each port of the PIC processor device (Hex equivalent shown in brackets). The board can be controlled using a Terminal emulator if connected via USB or RS232.

In order to test operation, the board can be connected to a serial port and controlled from a terminal emulator program such as “PuTTY” or “Realterm”.

If the I2C/SPI option is fitted then the board can be controlled directly from another processor such as an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone etc.

The communications via the I2C or SPI are managed by a NXP SC16IS750 I2C/SPI to serial converter.

 Operating temp range -20 to +80oC   The product is RoHS compliant and CE marked.

Easydaq is based in Wareham, Dorset and was established in 2002. It is owned by GreenHalse Electronics  1 Designer House, Anglebury Business Park, Sandford Lane Industrial Estate, Wareham, Dorset. BH20 4DY.                                                       https://www.easydaq.co.uk   Tel 01202 916411       



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I've attached the datasheet here for you. It'll be uploaded to our website soon. The I2C and SPI are for direct processor comms ie: arduino, Pi etc and does not work with a PC COM port. The USB version however, does look like a serial COM port. Hope this helpful. Contact us anytime for more info.


Thanks, Lisa


Data Sheet 56 (USB-RS232-I2C-SPI-8VI8SRMx-2).pdf

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On 2/21/2020 at 5:06 PM, bmoyer said:

Just to clarify, is this device similar in functionality to the NI-845x?  I'm trying to understand the application of such a device.





Apologies for my late reply! There was no notification of the most recent post. Our product is a functioning signal relay board equipped with various interfaces. It can be ordered with different combinations of interfaces- allowing the buyer to select from a possible 16 combinations when they order. It has 8 wide input logic channels which can be used to gather information and signals. Many relay board manufacturers offer little choice in interfaces. Having a board which can handle interfaces from various pieces of equipment or control devices is really useful. This is not an adapter but a fully functioning relay board with relay outputs and logic inputs. It is not similar to the NI-845x. 

Stay safe,





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