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    • By drjdpowell
      If you use Variant handling using the Variant Parsing Library, or use any library that does, please see this conversation, where I learned from AQ that the name in a Variant is never to be supported in NXG, eliminating all sorts of advanced capability.
    • By AutoMeasure
      Hi wire-heads,
      Have any of you started using LabVIEW NXG for real projects?  How finished and stable do you find it?  Also, do you find that it can successfully co-exist with LabVIEW 2015-2017 on the same development machine?
      Thanks very much.   -Joe
    • By Taylorh140
      I have to admit I've never gotten to use the state-chart module on a project, but I've always wanted too. I really enjoyed it when i evaluated it, but i worry it wont be available to nxg users... ever. Of course I can hope that it will be re-tooled and better than ever on nxg. What do you guys think will happen?
    • By smarlow
      I just downloaded and installed LabVIEW NXG.  At first I thought I installed LEGO NXT by mistake...
      All kidding aside, I am just now poking around to see what is there, and there are definitely some things to be thankful for.  Other things...not so much.  Extremely radical changes to the graphics on the palettes and root functions, along with major palette restructuring.  Looks like navigation by sight will have to be learned all over again.
      I will post more thoughts on this thread when I get the chance.  Oh, and manual tool selection is gone, along with the tools palette, if I am not mistaken.

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