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How to format "number to engineer string"

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I need to display the engineer string in a tree so I used number to engineer string. 

The issue is it is very limited to format the engineer string with this function. Look at below example


I want only one digit number before the decimal point but I don't know how to set that. Please let me know how to do it.

Thank you in advance.


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Aren't engineering strings always multiples of 3 digits? You cannot have an engineering string 1.2x10E10,it will be 12x10E9

Maybe I misunderstood the question.

if you want advanced string formatting you can use the format to string function, it allows a very flexible formatting string.

Sorry on mobile now or would put some pics.

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2 hours ago, Thang Nguyen said:

I want 1.2ex10 not 12.0ex9 as you can see in my example. I will check format into string.

Yes but that is no longer Engineering formatting which is where the confusion is coming in.

Format into string should be able to give you what you want, I will put an example shortly.


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Is this what you want? I still don't really understand the subtleties of all the different scientific vs floating point formats and normally just play around until I get what I want.

I find going into the Advanced numeric formatting is a huge help as it basically tells you the exact formatting string to use. Especially useful for timestamps!


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