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I've been trying the "save for previous" feature in LabVIEW. It gets stuck in this dialog and LabVIEW just freezes and I have to terminate it. I was down-saving a VI that was part of a class and it called a couple classes as well. So it wasn't just a single VI.

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 12.22.07 PM.png

Does the "save as" really work? Curious if others have success with this feature.

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I recently backsaved a few things from 2020 to 2015, including with classes, so at least there it works. I would suggest trying to save something simpler and if that works, then take only parts of the project (which obviously will load with missing dependencies) and just backsave those, to see where the issue is.

With your image stuck at a vi.lib VI, I would also suggest making sure to mass compile the folder again (or at least the error ring folder) and possibly trying to remove the error rings from your code, if you don't have too many. If something would have problems with backsaving, I wouldn't be surprised if it would be an XNode, although it clearly has code for the backsaving.

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I have had problems recently with the 'Save for Previous Version' when running 2019. It turns out I had used a Map in my code. It looks like LV2019 freezes up rather than giving you the normal error message that your VI's contain features incompatible with the version you are saving to.

I am assuming that it would do the same for a set.

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